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How can you Guarantee the Best Price?

lowest price

All the plans and their premium prices must be filed by the insurance company with your state's insurance regulator and must be approved. The insurance companies do not have multiple prices for the same plan for the same applicant category.

We do not own or possess insurance for resale like retail goods. Insurance is not stocked and resold. We do not set prices.

Only the insurer that you buy from sets the premium price for you. We help you get quotes, assist you in understanding the plans at your request, and help you apply. However, whether we help you or not does not change how much you pay for the insurance.

We don't charge you anything. We are paid what the insurer alone sets for licensed independent contractors to produce applications and help with service before and after the sale. Some, not all, insurance companies may pay bonuses for a high volume of applications produced, but whether or not that is paid to a particular producer does not change what you pay for your plan.

So it is not possible for there to be a lower premium price for the same covered person for the same plan from the same insurance company.