Insurance Privacy

No one receives any information that you submit to us except the insurance company to which you are applying.

Your insurance privacy is important to us. We endeavour to take all possible precautions to protect the insurance privacy of everyone who applies for coverage through insurer links on this site. All online applications are made at secure sites maintained by the insurers who maintain their own procedures for protecting insurance privacy.

Privacy Policy

"Personal information" as used here means information that relates your name with facts about you such as street address, telephone number, social security number, credit card number, health status and medical history. It may also include any email address that is personally and exclusively used by you.

"Personally identifying information" as used here means information that specifies who you are such as name, address, social security number, and date of birth.

"Application information" as used here means all the information you submit in an application for insurance.

"Protected Health Information" as used here has the same meaning as in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and regulation 45 C.F.R. Parts 160-164.

Collection of Information

1. No cookies, clear gifs, spyware, or other such means of gathering or transmitting information are used by this website. We do not track visitors and visitors are not contacted unless contact information is intentionally given.

2. Once you have made contact to express an interest in obtaining further information or in making an application, personally identifying information you volunteer in order to be contacted may be used to contact you in order to fulfill your requests and aid you in the inquiry and/or application process.

Application process
Personal information and personally identifying information is required by the respective insurance companies as part of the application process if you apply for insurance.

For health insurance, the "Start the Application Process" information form remains within a secure environment. The information is entered into the online application process of the insurance company, if available and insofar as permitted for the producer to do so, or onto a paper application if that is the only method of application.

The information is reviewed for completeness and you are then contacted for any further information that may be necessary and either your e-signature or written signature is obtained, as appropriate, after you have reviewed the entries. Each insurer is responsible for its own security safeguards and privacy practices. Licensed insurance producers are required by law and regulation to maintain the confidentiality of Protected Health Information.

If you download an application and mail or fax it to us, then after the application is checked for completeness, it is forwarded directly to the insurer or the insurer's designated and authorized general agency for the state, only. Your insurance privacy always remains protected.

No information that you provide is not voluntarily shared with anyone outside the insurer's application process. However, if you apply for insurance, the appropriate parties in the application process may share information between themselves in order that your application is efficiently and properly handled.

There are links to other websites on this website. Those websites are responsible for their own information privacy practices. We are not responsible for the operation of those websites. Of course, these links would not be provided if it was believed that those websites would compromise insurance privacy in any way.