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Annuity and Insurance Quotes

What is the best insurance for you and which insurance company has it at the best premium price – that's what we are here for.

Maximum Online Quoting

life Insurance

Health, life, travel, dental, and supplemental health insurance are all quoted online.

Annuities are quoted from a large datebase, upon request.

Disability insurance and long term care insurance require a more detailed personal profile. We will send customized quotes when we receive the required information.

Buy direct from the insurer with our help. The premium rates and annuity interest rates are set by the insurers only. There is no charge for our services.

We are paid by the insurers as independent contractors. We receive a commission for completed applications resulting in issued coverage which is accepted and paid for by the applicant.

The Best Rates from Reputable Insurers

This extensive online quoting and personalized quoting information is provided to help you get the coverage you want from financially strong insurers with competitively priced products.

For any particular coverage from any particular insurer, you cannot get lower premium rates or higher annuity interest rates than what can be obtained by buying insurance with our assistance.

Health Insurance Online Quotes

We have not found a website that has more health insurers quoted than what we have here. Our goal is to make your insurance shopping as easy and thorough as possible.

You can apply online if the insurer makes online applications available. Please use the links from our site if you apply online. If the insurer has no online application, the application form must be printed out, filled in, and mailed.

Depending on the state, there are online quoting systems listing the plans from many insurers, as well as links directly to health insurers who provide online quoting and online applications on their own websites.

Life Insurance Online Quotes

Annuities Insurance

The online quoting system for life insurance has more insurers than any other we can find. As far as we can tell, you will not be able to find any similar life insurance product outside the quoting system that is a better value.

Some term life insurance can bought online. However, that is for an immediate need or pure convenience and is limited in maximum amount. It is also more expensive because the mortality rate is higher than for life insurance that is issued using more thorough underwriting, e.g., a more detailed application form and a paramedical exam.

Apart from the limited online applications available, it is required by most life insurers that we ask you all the questions in the application, fill out the application form for you, and then mail it to you for your signature. A few insurers may require that the application be done in person. If so, we would refer you to a local producer in your area.


There is more than one reason people buy annuities, more than one type of annuity, and more than one strategy for buying annuities.

We provide a large database of online information and we can help you find what is most suitable out of what is available.

The major interest of some insurance companies is in providing annuities. We pay an annual fee for a service that focuses on quoting those insurers that are the most active in the annuity business.

We are supported by staff who specialize in annuities so we can help you get the information you need to make the best choice.

Disability  and  Long Term Care  Insurance

We quote the trusted names that specialize in this type of insurance and that can provide reliable coverage at competitive premiums.

Be assured that all the products we quote can not be obtained for less than what you pay when buying with our help. It is only the insurer that decides the premium after underwriting your application.

Insurance and annuity quotes

Find your way in the insurance wilderness:

We quote the largest number of insurers we can for all these categories of insurance.

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